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Linus Torvalds is the creator of the Linux operating system, and recently the Git version control system.

Video  edit

Aalto Talk with Linus Torvalds ,2012-06-15

Quotes  edit

I have to say, with tcl/tk, "google" + "random typing" can make you appear to know what the hell you're doing.
"Child" information in commit window - and cleanups (alternate) ,2005-08-09
Anybody who actually knew what they were doing would have called that machine code, and would have bought an assembler, because they realized that's just stupid, but I didn't know what I was doing, so I literally for several years... I would do the assembly by hand and actually write machine code.
Aalto Talk With Linus Torvalds ,2012-06-15
I really deeply agree with the things laid out in the GPL version 2, even though I then very deeply disagree with most of the stuff that comes out of Richard Stallman's mouth.
Aalto Talk with Linus Torvalds ,2012-06-15