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I'm a linguist with a technological bent. For my master's thesis, I developed a lexical transducer of North Slope Inupiaq. I used Tcl to convert lexical data from custom text formats into xfst/lexc source code, and SQLiteStudio to manage the data I used to evaluate the finished transducer. Since graduating, I've also used Tcl/Tk in conjunction with my transducer to develop some computerized tasks for Inupiaq language learners.

Other ways I've used Tcl/Tk in recent years:

  • with Snack, in software to allow linguists to transcribe, time-align, extract, and splice together recorded speech
  • with tDOM, in several ad hoc steps, to convert Knut Bergsland's Aleut Dictionary from PageMaker 4 files to XML (which still needs some major cleanup)

In not-so-recent years, I used Tcl/Tk (extended with C) to visualize, convert, and extract metadata from neuroimaging data (mostly MRI).

I can be reached at:
  [string map [list # @ / .] aric_bills#byu/net]

Special characters for Inupiaq:
 Dotted g: \u0120 \u0121
 Slashed l: \u0141 \u0142
 Dotted l: \u1E36 \u1E37
 Dotted, slashed l: \u0141\u0323 \u0142\u0323
 n "with a tail": \u014A \u014B
 n with tilde: \u00D1 \u00F1

Special characters for Aleut:
 g with circumflex: \u011C \u011D
 x with circumflex: X\u0302 x\u0302

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