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HZe - short for Holger Zeinert (holger DOT zeinert AT gmx DOT de)

I work in a software company mainly developing products for the automotive industry.

Years ago I decided to use Tcl/Tk as scripting language for our products because it

  • is stable
  • is actively maintained
  • is available on Windows, most Unix and VMS
  • it's simple and powerful
  • it combines GUI and scripting

I never regret this decision, although in the meantime Python, Java, ... entered the scene. Still, I like Tcl/Tk most.

2002 I started a project developing a web based information system. I used mod_dtcl for that (of course). Because of increasing load, we decided to switch to FastCGI with Tcl Interface. Running several servers in parallel without initializing each page improved performance a lot. And running different servers (different processes) seems to be easier than having Tcl multithreaded as Apache module. Connection to an Oracle database is done by Oratcl.

My (german) page on Google Sites [1].

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