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The main difference between the two widgets is that mclistbox uses core Tk listbox widgets, while the body of a tablelist widget is based on a text widget. This is also the reason for some of the limitations of mclistbox: no support for right-aligned or centered columns, and no image support in the cells. While Bryan Oakley's work is an excellent one, IMHO a multi-column listbox should support individual column alignment, sorting, the ability to mix text with images, and various methods aimed to improve the appearance and readability of the items. This was why I (Csaba Nemethi) decided to write another multi-column listbox.

The following table shows the main differences between the two widgets:
Feature mclistbox tablelist
------------------------------- --------------- -------------------
column alignment left left, right, center
image support in labels in labels and cells
mixing text & images no in labels and cells
built-in sort command no yes
arrow showing sort order no yes
columns to be streched just one arbitrary
listvariable no yes
level for indiv. colors & font column column, row, cell
level for indiv. borderwidth column none
level for indiv. relief column none
support for horizontal stripes no yes
programmatic editing no in rows and cells
selection callback built-in with the aid of Wcb
activate callback no with the aid of Wcb
documentation reference tutorial, reference

See also Wcb.

See also the clt comparisons by Damon Courtney [1], Csaba [2], tclguy [3], and Roy Terry [4] of Tablelist and TkTable.

AMG: How about a comparison with ttk::treeview?