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George Peter Staplin: Mar 21, 2005 - Tickmake is the successor to a wiki project I wrote called A Little Make Replacement. It's very tiny, and I hope to eventually make it into a good alternative to some other build systems. Tcl makes it very easy.

License: BSD-like


Here is the example tickmakefile from the distribution:
need CC

make test_2.o from test_2.c using {
  mexec $CC $CFLAGS -c test_2.c

make test_lib.a from [list test_2.o test_3.c] using {
  mexec $CC $CFLAGS -c test_3.c
  mexec ar cr test_lib.a test_2.o test_3.o
  mexec ranlib test_lib.a

make a.exe from [list test_1.c test_lib.a] using {
  mexec $CC $CFLAGS test_1.c test_lib.a -o a.exe

make clean from {} using {
  foreach f [glob -nocomplain *.o *.a *.core] {
    file delete $f
  catch {file delete a.exe}

# Created with ProcMeUp.