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Attributes  edit

De (D. A.) Clarke
d e at u c o l i c k dot o r g
w e b m a s t e r at u c o l i c k dot o r g

Description  edit

Programmer/analyst (aka software engineer) for UCO/Lick Observatory. Currently works on: RDBMS design/maint, GUIs for realtime instrument control, realtime control processes, automatic code generation tools, data visualisation, DS9 image display (adapting and expanding for local use), hardware qual testing and regression test harnesses, server-side cgi applications. Primary language Tcl/Tk; second languages SQL, C. Used to work on: system management, network management, sendmail, netcop issues. Used to write in (over the course of 2 decades): ALGOL-W, FOCAL, PDP-8 assembler, Forth, DCL, FORTRAN. Casual acquaintance with: Python, LISP. Hired at Lick 1980, full-time since 1981

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