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  • dgDBBrowser cross-platform and cross-database viewer and editor
  • tsql4mk Tiny SQL for Metakit databases
  • snitbrowser a snit::widget wrapper for the tkhtml library.
  • snitfinddialog a snit::widget toplevel providing a standard find-dialog
  • snitbutton a port of gbuttons which is itcl-based to the snit-framework by providing a gButton wrapper type
  • snitDom a snit wrapper type to use TclDOM with a tdom syntax
  • dgw::combobox a snit widget which is like a ttk::combobox but automatically popups the internal listbox and filters the items by user input
  • memoize a package for caching of function calls, the cache can also loaded from and saved to a file
  • biotcl some biological relevant snit types
  • TemplateRecall A template engine where the programming logic remains in the tcl code
  • FisherTest statistic test for categorial variables
  • tclcairo Tcl binding to the cairo library using swig
  • snitdnd A snit package for easy drag and drop implementation based on simplednd with some extensions
  • speertext A splitable text [snit]widget based on the new 8.5 peer method
  • Chess4Tcl oo-wrapper for the chess.js library using tcl-duktape
  • ChessValidator snit wrapper to the ChessBoard implementation on Chess in Tcl but with castling, enpassant and mate, stalemate notifications
  • SnitMPlayer snit widget to embed the mplayer video/audio application
  • SnitXSurf snit widget to embed the surf web browser into Tk applications see http://surf.suckless.org
  • SnitXUrxvt snit widget to embed one or multiple Urxvt Terminals into Tk applications
  • SnitTtkNotebook just an extension to ttk::notebook with bindings to move, add, delete and rename tabs
  • SnitXMupdf a snit widget which allows to embed the mupdf application and which provides an additional toolbar for easier usage of mupdf
  • SnitXWindow a snit widget to embed any app into a Tk application, could be seen as a tk window manager on top of window manager


See also: TixTclkit