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WMF stands for Windows Meta File. EMF is a later (and more capable) version, and though everybody should've switched to EMF, almost all the apps I know support WMF better than EMF.

VI 2003-11-20 : I have done some work in writing a canvas out to WMF files. I think this is the best way to go to Staroffice and M$ office programs, also the PDFs created from WMFs in Office docs are crisp and zoomable. My code isn't really publishable at this point, but the pointers to more information are at:

My aim is to provide a towmf option which takes a canvas and coords as inputs and generates the WMF, either as a file or as a string embeddable into RTF documents.

If anybody has done work on this, do let me know

David Easton 2003-12-05 : BLT 2.4z has this functionality for its graph widgets. It is used as follows:
 .graph snap -format emf myFile.emf ;# Enhanced metafile
 .graph snap -format wmf myFile.wmf ;# Aldus placable metafile
 .graph snap -format emf CLIPBOARD  ;# Metafile written into clipboard.

As the graph widget seems based on the canvas widget, it would be worth taking a look at the code.

Kroc - Tkprint by Iain B. Findleton provides a Metafile command to create various types of Windows metafiles from canvas widgets.
Name: "wmf"
Who: Gerlinger Leopold <<br >> Michael Schwartz
Where: http://www.schwartzcomputer.com/tcl-tk/tcl-tk.html
What: Windows metafile handling
Description: This extension is intended to be an alternate source of contexts for the GDI package. Unlike the printer contexts provided by the printer package, metafile contexts can be used to either write importable files or to copy data to the clipboard.