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Venkat Iyer

I prefer emacs anytime. Fervent Tcl-Tk disciple.

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My Humble Contributions:

Presented about Coroutines in TCL 2009

Other Open Source Projects that I've Contributed to:

I've occasionally handled the updating of timezone files in the tcl source code.

vi is also a modal based editor. Its connection to Tcl is that there are several vi-like editors which provide an embedded Tcl interpreter, which can be programmed to manipulate the text. Others support Tcl syntax highlighting, etc.

Some of these are:

  • Elvis supports Tcl syntax highlighting
  • vile supports Tcl syntax highlighting
  • vim supports Tcl syntax highlighting and supports embedding Tcl in the editor
  • nvi supports an embedded Tcl interpreter
  • tcltags generates vi symbol tags files, for locating symbols in files being edited.
  • aqtools includes the aqedit test editor, which has some vi-like bindings.

SS: Are there editors written in Tcl with vi key bindings? ctext may provide syntax highlighting. The point isn't just that the editor is written in Tcl, but the fact that such an editor can be made scriptable in a much more prevasive way than vim can. I'm a vim user, but I must I'm not comfortable with its scripting capabilities.

RLH If you have the tclinterp compiled in I think you can script it with Tcl itself.