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George Peter Staplin: What is it you may ask? It's an editor for C programs or extensions. It automates the structuring of a program.

I found that with many projects I would get lost as the project grew. I would start moving some code into other files, and then as those files grew, I would again have to restructure the project. I also found it annoying having long function comment prologues with code. I wanted something that reduced the amount of time I spent searching for data in flat text files.

Fed Builder is a simple solution to these problems. Each project is stored as a serialized array (list) from array get in a file having a .csrcdb extension usually. A .c file is generated from the .csrcdb contents, and a project_proto.h file is created as well, so that users don't have to duplicate or copy+paste function prototypes.

To see a typical project look here: http://megapkg.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/csrc/megaimage/

To create an initial database use touch myproject.csrcdb.


I've released version 25. It has bug fixes for empty databases, and empty plan files. I plan to eventually add a C parser, so that I can add some more automation and bug detection. Don't forget to see the README for usage instructions.


A screenshot of Fed Builder version 25:

Browsable download directory: http://www.xmission.com/~georgeps/implementation/software/Fed_Builder/

ProcMeUp is a similar project designed for structuring Tcl programs.