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It's easier to reference my stuff by LV than to type out the entire name - others find the name hard to remember the spelling at times...

I'm also known as lwv in the change records, or Larry W. Virden.

See Larry Virden for more details about me...

Quote of the day (thanks to Donal Fellows...):

"Windows is a car with square wheels (architecture) and a huge engine (hype, etc.), capable of of making the car move despite the square wheels. Linux is a car with round wheels but a small engine, capable of making the car go despite the small engine." -- John Latham <[email protected]>

Misc. wiki pages that need a link... poor little things...

If someone locates or starts a relevant page for any of these links, please feel free to add the link there, then delete the specific link from this page. I just put them here so that I have some idea what sorts of pages are needed.

  1. APJ
  2. ashish patnaik
  3. blacknet
  4. Bumgarner misc Tcl functions
  5. CAST
  6. CML
  7. toy solar system
  8. programming in 2050
  9. imgsizer
  10. threads & callbacks
  11. sample installation script
  12. application_runner_&_wrapper
  13. josemaria
  14. comments on software patents
  15. SaVi
  16. spin
  17. xcrysden
  18. color explorer
  19. ipat-s software suite
  20. ecolab
  21. nanocad
  22. simos