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Organized by Gerald Lester see http://www.tcl.tk/community/tcl2004/ for details.

Occurs October 11 - 15, '04, in New Orleans, Louisiana

GWL There was some discussion last year about video recording of the conferences, would people be interested in it and at what price?

There will be an Audio Webcast from the Tcl Conference. See Conference slides for a pointer to the state of tcl slides from 2004.

Okay, from the chat and listening to the audio, it appears that DKF, stevel, stever, gwl, tclguy are there. I also have to assume that clif flynt is there as well.

Anyone else we know?

LV Okay - you guys had fun yesterday - where's the description? Don't leave us in the dark! Is there a blog some place covering the conference?

MC Oct 14 -- There is some sort of routing problem upstream from the hotel & mini.net. I've created a Simple TCP/IP proxy that is running (temporarily) at that proxies to mini.net and is reachable here from the hotel.

Coolest Tk Screenshot Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the Coolest Tk Screenshot contest, announced October 13 at the 11th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference in New Orleans, LA. This was held by ActiveState, with grand prize winners receiving a subscription to ActiveTcl Pro Studio, featuring Komodo Professional, Tcl Dev Kit and Safari Bookshelf. Honorable mention winners received a copy of TDK.

Grand Prize Winners

Mats Bengtsson, Coccinella

Home: http://thecoccinella.org/ Screenshots: http://thecoccinella.org/gallery

Damon Courtney, InstallBase

Home: http://installbase.sourceforge.net/main.shtml Screenshots: http://installbase.sourceforge.net/screenshots.shtml

Honorable Mentions

Alexey Shchepin

Home: http://tkabber.jabber.ru/ Screenshots: http://tkabber.jabber.ru/book/view/29

Mike Doyle

Home: http://www.bionetlab.org/2/73 Screenshots: Above, from "Rotating the 3D data" on.

Links to Presentations edit

DKF: I gave this presentation; it's notable for being an obvious precursor to TclOO even if many of the ideas were not fully cooked at that point.