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I wrote:

  1. A template reflected channel
  2. A script that wraps file functions to disable Tilde Substitution
  3. globfind, an improved replacement for fileutil::find
  4. TOXFile, a pure Tcl/Tk, cross-platform, drag/drop enabled, explorer-style file manager
  5. the FILTR, File Inventory for Loading, Transfer and Recovery
  6. A chroot virtual filesystem
  7. An SSH virtual filesystem
  8. A template virtual filesystem
  9. A versioning virtual filesystem
  10. tdelta, an rdiff-style file delta generator.
  11. A delta virtual filesystem
  12. A collate/broadcast virtual filesystem
  13. A quota-enforcing virtual filesystem
  14. An LZW-compressing virtual filesystem
  15. pure-Tcl replacements for Tclx keyed lists commands
  16. a wrapper and starkit for sfm
  17. stepsource.tcl

I started using Tcl when working for a Unix-only ERP software company. After spending two years becoming a bash ninja writing build and distribution scripts, management declared that we were moving to Windows. I decided, never again! Everything I wrote in Tcl ran everywhere, and I never looked back.

The four-word case for Tcl: stability, portability, orthogonality, power.

Summer of Code: edit

  • In 2008 I was a participant with the Tcl Community in Google's Summer of Code. I mentored the tcl-fuse project.
  • I participated in 2009's GSoC as well; I mentored The tcl-map GSoC2009 project.

Conferences: edit

I live in Chicago, IL, USA. Drop by!

[email protected]