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Offical Tcl/Tk Conference Call for Papers page is at http://www.tcl.tk/community/tcl2006/

Papers and presentation materials: http://www.tcl.tk/community/tcl2006/papers/

Hopefully those attending the conference will update here regularly for those of us unable to attend... :-(

MC: My notes from DRH's SQLite keynote are at [1], as well as JH's talk [2], Larry McVoy's The L Programming Language talk [3], Andrew Mangogna's TclRAL talk [4], the [Spider Widgets] talk [5] and both Steve Landers & [Dan Kennedy]'s browser-related talks [6] and the TCT Q&A [7] that was the final pre-BoF item of the day.

APN: A big thanks to MC for taking the trouble to write up notes (from all of us who live too far away to even think of attending one of the Tcl conferences).

MC: Continuing with the Thursday talks: Richard Suchenwirth's [Tcl as a way of life] talk [8] (a real treat!), WHD's [RTI] talk [9], [Ron Fox]'s [VME extension] talk [10], Devin Eyre's (of COMPANY: Impact Weather) talk on Tclshp [11], jcw's Vlerq and Ratcl talk [12], Steve Huntley's VFS work [13], Clif Flynt's libtclsh.a talk [14], Sean Deely Woods's Tao talk [15], rmax's presentation about [openSUSE] [16], and the work-in-progress sessions [17].

MR: Mike - thanks. I'm here and your notes are still great to have! I'll be posting a few things here and there on my blog [18], but somewhat more on the personal opinions, highlights etc. side of things.

RLH How does one listen to ogg streams on OSX? And thanks for the note taking!

CJL - VLC [19] is usually a pretty good bet... But on further investigation, it's not working for me (but strangely the Windows version does).

JMN I use mplayer on FreeBSD.. There seems to be a version for OS X so I'm guessing this will work: http://mplayerosx.sourceforge.net/

MC Friday's talks: SRIV's Whim Window Manager presentation [20], [Michael Scott]'s bridge analysis and safety talk [21], Gerald Lester's talk on GUI and database testing [22] ...

DKF: Next year, New Jersey (details to be confirmed) with Miguel Sofer being invited to speak. Year after, New Orleans again! Hypnofrog says "Attend These Conferences!"

RLH If it is in NJ, I will be so there!

One noteworthy milestone of the Conference is that on ... decided to found the Tcl Association.

Canvas dials was RS's conference bar fun project :^)

LES I wonder if someone recorded the audio streams and if such recordings could be made available somehow. :-(

DKF: rmax was in charge of doing the sound recordings.