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Visual Programming is a form of programming in which a program is defined with the aid of tools that visually represent aspects of the program; its components, control structure, and/or behaviour.

Description  edit

Ultimately, all programs end up in one way or another being executed as a sequence of instructions to a CPU. This linear flow of instructions is quite amenable to representation in a language whose fundamental building block is characters that can be strung together, forming sequences that can be translated into other sequences. The challenge of visual programming tools is to provide intuitive visual building blocks from which programs can be derived, without losing expressivity or paying too great a performance cost.

Visual Programming Environments  edit

make graphs with blocks and compose programs from them
similar to Mathematica
provides a visual flow-based programming environment
a problem-solving environment, or "computational workbenchn" in which the user connects modules in a visual programming environment.
Visual Basic
a visual programming environment for Attribute Grammar specifications
Visual RegExp
check regular expressions against data
Visual Tcl

Reference  edit

Visual programming language, Wikipedia

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