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Miguel Sofer <msofer at users dot sf dot net>

SourceForge user name: msofer

Chat room id: miguel

Signs here as MS

Congratulation on joining the TCT :) I started learning Tcl this year and I find the Tcl community to be one of it's strong points.

I hope to always see Tcl improve and evolve, and to see it's core developers increase and evolve as well.

I like to imagine how things might be for Tcl 10 or 20 years from today. Will any of the current TCT developer be involved still? Will Tcl still be relevant? Will I be the new TCT member then :)?

I don't know, but it's wonderful to watch things evolve!

PYK 2016-06-20: AK has just announced that Miguel passed away on Monday 2016-06-13 after a long illness. It's a heavy loss. Miguel will be greatly missed, not only for his substantial contributions to Tcl, but for the spirit of dedication, good will, and cheerful eagerness to help that he personified. In all his interactions in the Tcl community, Miguel was gentle, nurturing, and optimistic. In more lively discussions he could be counted on to insert a light-heartened comment to bring perspective to things, and when stating his opinion he always commmunicated with tact and manifest consideration. It was clear that he genuinely cared. I met Miguel at the 2011 Tcl conference, where we had a chance to speak at length. I liked him immensely, and was happy to meet him again at the 2014 Tcl Conference in Portland. I'm truly sad to hear that he's gone away from this world, and feel a real loss over the prospect of Miguel's voice missing from the Tcl Chatroom, and from the thought that his friendly face will never again be among those in the crowd at one of our gatherings. Miguel, you are one of the unsung heroes. Thank you for everything!


  • Peter Lewerin -- I didn't really know him, but have a lot of respect for his work. Sympathies to his friends and family.
  • AK -- I met him at the 2011 and 2014 conferences as well, and he was as good to talk in person as in mail. My condolences to all and sundry.
  • GS -- Thanks for his contribution to Tcl. Sympathies to his friends and family.
  • AM -- I never met him unfortunately, other than in the Tcl chatroom. One of his many contributions and one he will certainly be remember for is that of coroutines. As far as I understand from the discussions I witnessed, its implementation required a deep understanding of the Tcl codebase as well as the way computers work. That illustrates in my humble opinion his dedication and his expertise.
  • MAKR -- I met him at the conferences and we also had some discussions, I am also very grateful for a private tutorial I received from him. Thank you, Miguel!
  • stevel -- Gentle, intelligent, dedicated, generous - words that come to mind when remembering Miguel. His legacy is immense. He will be missed.
  • dzach -- Thank you, Miguel, for your contributions to Tcl, and your help in the tcl chatroom.
  • MJ -- Sad news, I will miss the red hue and the nice presence of Miguel in the Tcl chatroom. Sympathies to his friends and family.
  • RZ -- Thanks for his contribution to Tcl.
  • chw -- Farewell Miguel Sofer, so good.
  • jima -- Gracias por todo lo que hiciste por el Tcl, Miguel. Siempre dispuesto a ayudar en el chat. Siempre te recordaremos. Mi más sincero pésame a su familia y amigos. Una grandísima pérdida.
  • dkf -- A terrible loss as he was both a really nice guy and a really good and fearless programmer. I would never have dared to do the NRE on my own. Or to have fixed the awful things we were doing in our variables. Your wisdom will be missed.
  • apw -- Thanks for your help in understanding Tcl variable resolvers, Tcl variables and other stuff. And thanks for the nice time with you, when we met on one of the Tcl conferences.
  • dbohdan -- I never got to meet Miguel in real life but when I joined the Tcl Chatroom in 2014 his voice was one of those that defined it for me. Miguel's contributions to Tcl, both the highly prominent and the subtle ones, are sincerely appreciated.
  • nem -- I also never met Miguel in person, but hugely appreciated his work. We collaborated on a couple of TIPs and he was full of brilliant ideas and the know-how to back them up. He also came across as extremely warm, bright and witty in conversations with him. I will miss chatting to him greatly.