Updated 2014-02-19 14:03:36 by jima

After some years of reading the tcl wiki I finally decide to appear in it.

A personal email address where to reach me:

jima00 at gmail dot com

I also posted for some time (in Spanish) in:


But I doubt things are still there...

I am playing around with tcl and sqlite.

For a long time I tried to give myself a web framework. Now I am desisting a little bit on this (specially after having seen Wub).

My next project is related to a Thesis I have read on the implementation of a language called aardappel: concurrent tree rewriting stuff. Very interesting, but don't expect a quick progress on this on my side...I really don't have much time to develop. But when I do it is always fun with Tcl.

Recently I discovered http://www.twine.com and I am giving it a go. I even started a Tcl twine where I plan to put things there that I find of interest that could relate to the language. Everybody invited.

Ah, jima is my acronym, my real name is: Jose Ignacio Marín Alberdi.

Some pages I started:

Jima's recursive glob

Annotating words for better specifying procs in Tcl9

Less worthy pages I started:

Traits in XOTcl

Do and don't


playing channels with coroutines

Revisiting TOOT with a store

Mixins and vars in TclOO