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Purpose: Discussion of Tcl support (or lack thereof) of iCalendar as it relates to RFC2445 [1].

Are there any packages that support any part of that entire group of RFCs relating to internet calendaring?

LV see if you can track down the iCal program - it was an early attempt to support it. Back in 2000, Phil Ehrens mentioned that he was the current unwilling maintainer of ical.

Basic form of a iCalendar file (see the above referenced RFC for description):

 SUMMARY:Watch Re-run of Trigun
 DESCRIPTION:I really should not spend time calendaring watching re-runs.


LV I've looked around and not found much of anything that deals with the format. For a while, I was trying to find some kind of package that would allow me to bridge between Outlook's calendar server and Solaris's calendar server.

At this point, it looks to me like Sun's Java Desktop System (which is the new marketing term for whatever GUI environment Sun decides to put together) is going to be including something different for calendaring, so I am not bothering to search farther.

I've written an iCalendar parser to [::struct::tree] ... I'll get around to putting it up soon, but I have been annoyed by iCalendar's inflexible view of events. Meanwhile you can get it from the half bakery here: http://wiki.tcl.tk/_repo/tcal/ CMcC 20041014

SEH -- 1/18/05 -- Jamie Hill has written a script for importing iCalendar data into the OpenACS calendar module, with emphasis on handling the kind of iCal that MSoft Outlook creates. [2]

OBEXTool includes a plugin for reading and editing vCalendar files.

See Using Outlook Web Access (OWA) to access an Exchange server for a package which automatically generates iCalendar files from the appointments on an Exchange server using Outlook Web Access.