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Authors: [Neil Matthew], [Richard Stones], [Krishna Vedati]
Wrox Press, Chicago IL and Birmingham GB
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http://www.wrox.com/Consumer/Store/Details.asp?ISBN=1861002971 http://www.wrox.com/books/1861002971.htm
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Introduction to various types of programming tools. Includes a chapter on programming in Tcl/Tk (which was technically reviewed by Donal Fellows though they still managed to slip an error or two through...)

DKF - It's annoying isn't it? You give them a few pages of detailed comments (including pointing out that they should settle on one particular version of Tcl/Tk, and some simplifications of the examples) and they seem to ignore many of them. Still, they did give me a complimentary copy, so I'm not complaining...

LV 2007 Jan 11 - I noticed today this book is the only one that shows up when one does a search for tcl on wrox.com. The reason I checked for this is because I've begun to see them publish books on intro to lua programming and tivo programming, so I thought that perhaps they might even have a book just on Tcl programming. Apparently not.