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An IRC gateway for Jabber


PT 14-Nov-2004: I have had so much trouble trying to get all the Perl modules required by this app installed and working on any of the systems available to me that I gave up and have written an IRC-Jabber bridge in Tcl instead. This takes the irc side of the tclapps ircbridge and adds Jabber client code to bridge the jabber chat conference with the #tcl irc channel.

DG is off building a better one (yes, it's written in Tcl): ijgate

It's far more entertaining to regard ijchain as another personality, coordinate with its peers as listed in "Tcl Chatroom".

RS 2008-09-04: today, ijchain does no longer bridge between #tcl on IRC and Jabber. The last message was
 -: :[email protected] KICK #tcl ijchain :ijchain

Can someone interpret that? How can a kicked bot be rehabilitated? Update: briefly after I reported this, ijchain was on board again.

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