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Richard Suchenwirth (biographic details) aka suchenwi (my chat nick) - suchenwi at gmail dot com / suchenwi at o2online dot de - "The Yoda of Whizzlets", as Steve Landers regards him. Also see [1].

My favorite C project is Picol - a toy model of Tcl in ~1700 lines of C code. Download: http://wiki.tcl.tk/_repo/wiki_images/files/picol0-1-22.zip - or, it was. In Oct 2007 my favorite use for C is with tcltcc/Odyce - tcc with a Critcl-emulating front end.

Never getting my act together to write a "real" book on Tcl, I've now seriously started with an unreal one: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Programming%3ATcl . It's a Wiki, so everybody can edit - please contribute!

RLH 2006-02-19: I have finally gotten all the wiki "if 0{" stuff out of it. "And there was much rejoicing!"

All code I post is free as air. Do what you want with it, just don't blame me. (In general, I think [01]+ is common possession of all humankind - it's all binary integers (with possible leading zeroes), and who can claim to own an integer?). Also, engineering is where minimal overengineering and minimal underengineering converge.

Besides Tcl, I'm also very interested in movies (some Wiki pages may show that :^). See

  • my inventory at IMDb [2],
  • my comments at [3]

Since 2003-08-03, I stack links to latest new pages (except for Sepp - see there) here on top, so they're sooner found (in reverse chronological order, newest on top):

Some pages missing above, but proposed by other readers, include

"C is like a lump of coal, useful but dirty. Tcl is like a diamond - both have the same amount of carbon, but Tcl is compressed, brillant, sharp, and extremely valuable" ;-)

"Doctor, it hurts when I write in C..." - "So don't."

"Code re-use? Of course do I reuse code! There's two libs that I reuse almost every day, just reconfigure with different scripts. (The libs are tcl.lib and tk.lib, of course.)"

"I grant you three wishes", the fairy said, "or even better - one wish and one tclsh..."

"... or one tclkit that does both!", said the troll in response

In C, errors are killers. In Tcl, they are helpful little friends, that you can play catch with ;)