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Just a short page at the moment sharing the startup scripts I use for starting bwise as an application which places windows at a fixed position on the screen.

The main bwise script I use is:

which contains the procs (and so can easier be administered), which in one case is on a partition shared with windows XP on the same machine, so both can use the same version. This version contains some more procs and some changes, one may want to download it to prevent having to include block generator procs from some seperate wiki pages. The server should accomodate this as it is now even fairly quickly, bwise is still pretty small.

My linux startup script would be:
 #console show
 source ~/Tcl/unixconsole.tcl
 source /XPshare/Tcl/bwiseprocs0343.tcl


 wm geom . 636x350+9+4

 # comment out when no more need..

 package require Img
 wm geom .f 355x351+658+4
 #.f.fu.l conf -font {{MS Sans Serif} 10}
 #.f.ft.t conf -font {{MS Sans Serif} 12}
 console eval {.console conf -font {courier 14}}
 console eval { wm geom . 80x24+193+335 }

This script is intended for window placement on a 1024x768 screen. On a bigger screen, or as I regularly use a higher resolution (and bigger) screen, the setup works fine to work on a corner of the screen, though maybe larger fonts and accordingly larger windows may be desirable. For bigger block diagrams, of course the bwise window can be enlarged.

I've used the unix console from console for Unix which is stored in ~/Tcl/unixconsole.tcl , and obviously mainly call the main bwise routines to create the windows, and change sizes and fonts.