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What: char2ent.tcl
Where: http://braziliantranslation.net/downloads/char2ent.tcl
Description: Read an HTML or XML file containing literal special characters, then replace specials with appropriate SGML entities and output.
Currently at version 0.0 .
Updated: 11/2004

Contact: LES

LES on November 18, 2004: Get the code here: [1]

The code was posted here entirely at first, but I never succeeded in having all characters displayed correctly. Today (May 2007), I saw that many other characters were displayed incorrectly: a whole series of them displayed as question marks. I spent almost half an hour trying to correct it, but I couldn't make it work. Wikit keeps complaining about some "bogus" character and blames my browser (Firefox). Konqueror didn't work either. I give up. Just download the thing and move on.

RS Note that read includes the trailing newline; to write such a file-string out it is best to use puts -nonewline so you don't get an extra one. Also, string map is happy with long maps, so you can avoid the for loop by just coding
set XMLmap {& & < < > > ...}
set HTMLmap {Ä Ä ...}
set myMap $XMLmap
set myText [string map $myMap $mytext]