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William J Giddings

Read my Gnocl development blog at [1]

My involvement in using Tcl/Tk goes back to the 1990s when I was looking for a quick and easy way to program under Linux. During those days I was the head of a local training company which 'honed' the skills of graduates to meet the needs of the media industries. Prior to that I was involved in CGI production for television. But time moves on and so do our careers.

Since 2000 I have worked as a visiting lecturer for a number of local colleges and also act as an external moderator for pre-university programs in the Use of IT and Electronic Media Production.

To help me with my research I use custom-utilities written in Tcl/Tk for the analysis, editing and translation of Chinese Buddhist Sutras.

Current interests include contributing to the Gnocl Tcl-GTK binding project.

My principle programming project is "Jiumoluoshi", a specialist translators' text editor. Here's a screen grab of a recent translating session:

Windows version now available for download from SourceForge, get it here [2].

This older Tk version of JMLS has now been replaced by a much faster Gnocl version. Here's a screenshot.

Recent contributions to the Wiki include:

Tcl/Tk Stuff

Text/Language Processing

GTK/Gnocl Stuff

GTK/Gnocl Widgets
 Gtk Objects

 Gtk Core Widget Set

 GIMP Widget

 Working with PixBuffs and Images

 Gtk Packages

 Gnome Widgets

 Auxilliary Libraries



Gnocl Applications

LUGRADIO Live 2008
   19th - 20th July, Wolverhampton, UK.
   Presentation on Gnocl, the Tcl/GTk bindings.

Get a PDF of the presentation slides from here [3]


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