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from the Groovy website:

"Groovy is a new agile dynamic language for the JVM combining lots of great features from languages like Python, Ruby and Smalltalk and making them available to the Java developers using a Java-like syntax.

Groovy is designed to help you get things done on the Java platform in a quicker, more concise and fun way - bringing the power of Python and Ruby inside the Java platform.

Groovy can be used as an alternative compiler to javac to generate standard Java bytecode to be used by any Java project or it can be used dynamically as an alternative language such as for scripting Java objects, templating or writing unit test cases."

LV What is the groovy website URL?

[maf] Web Site [1], a lot of good ideas, but missing a good shell like tkcon

And what is the Tcl connection?

Zarutian 13.jan 2005: probably that Groovy and Tcl is both dynamic languages.

RLH That is a spurious connection. We could list every language under the sun with the point that it is or does something like Tcl.

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