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davidw - I'm going to be there, but I will be giving an introductory presentation on the [ecos] operating system. I will definitely have time to meet other Tcl hackers who show up though!

NEM - Where/When? etc

DKF: http://www.fosdem.org/2005 (I'm going too...)


We were very lucky this year, in that we had a reasonable room in the main FOSDEM building. This meant that there was always passing people and a fair number looked in. (By contrast, the other building with developer rooms was very very quiet).

[ Finish this off... ]

TV I was there, and indeed there were various people walking by and in, and even 'wanted' certain lectures, which was ok. I made som e pictures (no full length videos this year), and I might sum some things I said up and present programs / examples on the web.

Core team members were present...

In the back, some students (I guess) which in this case probably came in for internet access, or a quiet place to sit.

Just outside the devroom, with notebooks piling up just outside the door.

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