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ABU 2005-04-22

Lapecheronza ( aka BuzzingBees ) is an experimental project for monitoring changes on my favourite web-pages .

Since it is just a quick and dirty proof-of-concept, code is rather clumsy, so I cannot attach the source code.

Here is the main window

and a panel for configuring various options

Thanks for your comments and suggestions (please append them below in chronological order).

LV It's hard to offer comments and suggestions without having access to the code...

ABU 2005-04-30

This is the first release of BuzzingBees.

BuzzingBees allow you to monitor your favorite websites for updates and changes.

I designed this application thinking at the "Bee" metaphor ...

  • Bees are http-agents that can be scheduled for visiting websites ...
  • Hives are collections of Bees ...

So, with your Hive, you can train many Bees for visiting the Web for you...

Home page : [1]

Download : [2]