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Package vfs::inmem provides an in-memory file system via tclvfs. An in-memory file system should be useful for creating a file system hierarchy on which to mount other filesystems and which is capable of storing modest amounts of data. When soft links are implemented, it will also be useful for arbitrarily rearranging a file system hierarchy. vfs::inmem's author is Neil McKay; it is available from his homepage: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~mckay/computer/inmemvfs.tcl

16may05 jcw - Another way to have an in-memory VFS is "vfs::mk4::Mount {} mountpoint", i.e. using an empty path. This differs from the above in a number of ways: defaults to compressed storage, also works with Tcl 8.4, no support for metadata, requires Metakit (Mk4tcl, part of Tclkit and ActiveTcl).

JMN 2005-12-11 Note that vfs::inmem 0.1 has a small typo/bug in vfs::inmem::matchindirectory

[string match $pattern f] should read [string match $pattern $f]