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Ratcl, part of the Vlerq project, is a Tcl extension which provides operators from Relational Algebra and works with Metakit data files.

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ratcl.kit (alternate)

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pivot tables in ratcl, JCW ,2006-08
Wrapping sqlite and oratcl query result sets
Ratcl-like API with sqlite backend

Documentation  edit

Introduction to Ratcl
official reference
Relational algebra for Tcl: introducing Ratcl and Rasql ,Jean-Claude Wippler
Ratcl and Rasql, by Jean-Claude Wippler
a presentation
Ratcl example (sort of) ,JCW ,comp.lang.tcl ,2008-05-08
Vlerq + Ratcl = Easy Data Management (alternate) ,JCW , [1], presented at the Thirteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference

Misc  edit

RLH: This is very cool stuff!

2007-02-16: There is a starkit which runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X at [2]. The ChangeLog for this starkit is at [3].

This starkit includes the "Ratk" graphical view browser by Brian Theado. Here is an example with a pivot table (also called a crosstab, see also crosstab a la Relations):