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sbron The Buffalo LinkStation is a network attached storage device. It's primary function is to offer a simple SMB network storage device for Windows or Samba users. The device runs a version of Linux, and all administration is done via a web interface.

There are several versions of the LinkStation

  • PPC LinkStation - 10/100Mb ethernet, running on a 200 MHz PPC.
  • MIPSel LinkStation - 10/100Mb ethernet, running on a 400 MHz MIPSel CPU.
  • GigaBit LinkStation - 10/100/1000Mb ethernet, running on a 266 MHz PPC.

There's an active community [1] providing information on how to hack these devices and use them as ordinary Linux servers. Packages are available that provide the necessary tools like gcc for compiling C-coded software for the LinkStation. As a result also Tcl can be compiled for the LinkStation.

A similar device seems to be the Linksys Slug. See Tcl on the Slug.