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Index of pages on this wiki dealing with source and or binary distribution issues or specific distributions of tcl / extensions.

escargo 15 Jul 2003 - How is this category related to Category Deployment?

lv distribution was, primarily in my mind, a category used to tag pages dealing with the various ways that tcl and associated source or binaries are currently available for someone - sort of the practical/user flipside of deployment.

escargo - Does this mean the distribution of Tcl/Tk as a development environment (or tools for the development of deployable applications)?

lv well, a dev environment or application infrastructure/framework... joe wants to run tkoutline or whatever, and discovers he needs to install tcl first - he is no developer - just a user wanting to plug in the toaster. A binary distribution allows that to happen; on a new or peculiar platform, more pain is ahead as a source distribution. is needed. In either case, this is NOT a developer situation....

escargo - The more you say that this is so users can run applications, the more this category sounds like a duplication of deployment. lv certainly there is overlap - however - for most tcl apps, the deployment issues are solved by the statement 'go get a tcl distribution'. This category ties the issues of building, locating, installing, etc. a tcl distribution.

But it's okay - feel free to tag the same pages with both categories. My hands hurt too much to continue today.

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