Updated 2013-01-01 20:15:29 by gkubu

The initial release of my version of the Classic minesweeper game.

It is available from The Cool Store at [1] (broken link) as executables dynamically built by [2].

Unfortunately I only have Tclogl binaries for win/linux. If anyone who can help out generating workable binaries for other platforms I would like to host them on my site.


  • Real 3D playing field using Tclogl
  • Sound effects.
  • Animations.
  • Multiple levels of difficulty (hard to impossible).
  • Embedded mp3/ogg player.
  • Animation engine.


This is part of my as yet unreleased 3D software showcase [3].

Feedback LV May 11, 2006: when I attempt to download this package for windows via a starkit, I get a server error telling me that autokit.cgi was not found.

PWQ: The archive file is now hosted at The Cool Store. Links are slowly being migrated.

  1. Patch 1, fix for directory names containing spaces!
  2. Sound is choppy on WinXP 2.4Ghz machine. Machine can freeze/pause when using textures.