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Richard Suchenwirth 2006-02-05 - This is a tweaked version of Colors with Names, which allows you to browse all colors with X11 names on a canvas, so that it runs in a PocketPC - I tested under eTcl in Sepp, but it should equally well work with other versions (not with Keuchel's though).

Scroll with <Up> and <Down> on the four-way button. Single-tap on a color to see its RGB value in hex (in the label below; double-click to copy to clipboard, so you can paste it in your colorful code :^)

KPV fixed bug with color names containing newlines
 # Named Colors -- lists and displays all of tcl's named colors
 # by Keith Vetter, March 19 2003
 # PPC port R. Suchenwirth 2006-02-04
 package require Tk

 set COLORS { snow {ghost white} {white smoke} gainsboro {floral white}
    {old lace} linen {antique white} {papaya whip} {blanched almond}
    bisque {peach puff} {navajo white} moccasin cornsilk ivory {lemon
    chiffon} seashell honeydew {mint cream} azure {alice blue}
    lavender {lavender blush} {misty rose} white black {dark slate
    gray} {dim gray} {slate gray} {light slate gray} gray {light grey}
    {midnight blue} navy {cornflower blue} {dark slate blue} {slate
    blue} {medium slate blue} {light slate blue} {medium blue} {royal
    blue} blue {dodger blue} {deep sky blue} {sky blue} {light sky
    blue} {steel blue} {light steel blue} {light blue} {powder blue}
    {pale turquoise} {dark turquoise} {medium turquoise} turquoise
    cyan {light cyan} {cadet blue} {medium aquamarine} aquamarine
    {dark green} {dark olive green} {dark sea green} {sea green}
    {medium sea green} {light sea green} {pale green} {spring green}
    {lawn green} green chartreuse {medium spring green} {green yellow}
    {lime green} {yellow green} {forest green} {olive drab} {dark
    khaki} khaki {pale goldenrod} {light goldenrod yellow} {light
    yellow} yellow gold {light goldenrod} goldenrod {dark goldenrod}
    {rosy brown} {indian red} {saddle brown} sienna peru burlywood
    beige wheat {sandy brown} tan chocolate firebrick brown {dark
    salmon} salmon {light salmon} orange {dark orange} coral {light
    coral} tomato {orange red} red {hot pink} {deep pink} pink {light
    pink} {pale violet red} maroon {medium violet red} {violet red}
    magenta violet plum orchid {medium orchid} {dark orchid} {dark
    violet} {blue violet} purple {medium purple} thistle snow2 snow3
    snow4 seashell2 seashell3 seashell4 AntiqueWhite1 AntiqueWhite2
    AntiqueWhite3 AntiqueWhite4 bisque2 bisque3 bisque4 PeachPuff2
    PeachPuff3 PeachPuff4 NavajoWhite2 NavajoWhite3 NavajoWhite4
    LemonChiffon2 LemonChiffon3 LemonChiffon4 cornsilk2 cornsilk3
    cornsilk4 ivory2 ivory3 ivory4 honeydew2 honeydew3 honeydew4
    LavenderBlush2 LavenderBlush3 LavenderBlush4 MistyRose2 MistyRose3
    MistyRose4 azure2 azure3 azure4 SlateBlue1 SlateBlue2 SlateBlue3
    SlateBlue4 RoyalBlue1 RoyalBlue2 RoyalBlue3 RoyalBlue4 blue2 blue4
    DodgerBlue2 DodgerBlue3 DodgerBlue4 SteelBlue1 SteelBlue2
    SteelBlue3 SteelBlue4 DeepSkyBlue2 DeepSkyBlue3 DeepSkyBlue4
    SkyBlue1 SkyBlue2 SkyBlue3 SkyBlue4 LightSkyBlue1 LightSkyBlue2
    LightSkyBlue3 LightSkyBlue4 SlateGray1 SlateGray2 SlateGray3
    SlateGray4 LightSteelBlue1 LightSteelBlue2 LightSteelBlue3
    LightSteelBlue4 LightBlue1 LightBlue2 LightBlue3 LightBlue4
    LightCyan2 LightCyan3 LightCyan4 PaleTurquoise1 PaleTurquoise2
    PaleTurquoise3 PaleTurquoise4 CadetBlue1 CadetBlue2 CadetBlue3
    CadetBlue4 turquoise1 turquoise2 turquoise3 turquoise4 cyan2 cyan3
    cyan4 DarkSlateGray1 DarkSlateGray2 DarkSlateGray3 DarkSlateGray4
    aquamarine2 aquamarine4 DarkSeaGreen1 DarkSeaGreen2 DarkSeaGreen3
    DarkSeaGreen4 SeaGreen1 SeaGreen2 SeaGreen3 PaleGreen1 PaleGreen2
    PaleGreen3 PaleGreen4 SpringGreen2 SpringGreen3 SpringGreen4
    green2 green3 green4 chartreuse2 chartreuse3 chartreuse4
    OliveDrab1 OliveDrab2 OliveDrab4 DarkOliveGreen1 DarkOliveGreen2
    DarkOliveGreen3 DarkOliveGreen4 khaki1 khaki2 khaki3 khaki4
    LightGoldenrod1 LightGoldenrod2 LightGoldenrod3 LightGoldenrod4
    LightYellow2 LightYellow3 LightYellow4 yellow2 yellow3 yellow4
    gold2 gold3 gold4 goldenrod1 goldenrod2 goldenrod3 goldenrod4
    DarkGoldenrod1 DarkGoldenrod2 DarkGoldenrod3 DarkGoldenrod4
    RosyBrown1 RosyBrown2 RosyBrown3 RosyBrown4 IndianRed1 IndianRed2
    IndianRed3 IndianRed4 sienna1 sienna2 sienna3 sienna4 burlywood1
    burlywood2 burlywood3 burlywood4 wheat1 wheat2 wheat3 wheat4 tan1
    tan2 tan4 chocolate1 chocolate2 chocolate3 firebrick1 firebrick2
    firebrick3 firebrick4 brown1 brown2 brown3 brown4 salmon1 salmon2
    salmon3 salmon4 LightSalmon2 LightSalmon3 LightSalmon4 orange2
    orange3 orange4 DarkOrange1 DarkOrange2 DarkOrange3 DarkOrange4
    coral1 coral2 coral3 coral4 tomato2 tomato3 tomato4 OrangeRed2
    OrangeRed3 OrangeRed4 red2 red3 red4 DeepPink2 DeepPink3 DeepPink4
    HotPink1 HotPink2 HotPink3 HotPink4 pink1 pink2 pink3 pink4
    LightPink1 LightPink2 LightPink3 LightPink4 PaleVioletRed1
    PaleVioletRed2 PaleVioletRed3 PaleVioletRed4 maroon1 maroon2
    maroon3 maroon4 VioletRed1 VioletRed2 VioletRed3 VioletRed4
    magenta2 magenta3 magenta4 orchid1 orchid2 orchid3 orchid4 plum1
    plum2 plum3 plum4 MediumOrchid1 MediumOrchid2 MediumOrchid3
    MediumOrchid4 DarkOrchid1 DarkOrchid2 DarkOrchid3 DarkOrchid4
    purple1 purple2 purple3 purple4 MediumPurple1 MediumPurple2
    MediumPurple3 MediumPurple4 thistle1 thistle2 thistle3 thistle4
    gray1 gray2 gray3 gray4 gray5 gray6 gray7 gray8 gray9 gray10
    gray11 gray12 gray13 gray14 gray15 gray16 gray17 gray18 gray19
    gray20 gray21 gray22 gray23 gray24 gray25 gray26 gray27 gray28
    gray29 gray30 gray31 gray32 gray33 gray34 gray35 gray36 gray37
    gray38 gray39 gray40 gray42 gray43 gray44 gray45 gray46 gray47
    gray48 gray49 gray50 gray51 gray52 gray53 gray54 gray55 gray56
    gray57 gray58 gray59 gray60 gray61 gray62 gray63 gray64 gray65
    gray66 gray67 gray68 gray69 gray70 gray71 gray72 gray73 gray74
    gray75 gray76 gray77 gray78 gray79 gray80 gray81 gray82 gray83
    gray84 gray85 gray86 gray87 gray88 gray89 gray90 gray91 gray92
    gray93 gray94 gray95 gray97 gray98 gray99
    SystemButtonFace SystemButtonText SystemDisabledText SystemHighlight
    SystemHightlightText SystemMenu SystemMenuText SystemScrollbar
    SystemWindow SystemWindowFrame SystemWindowText
 set S(w) 76
 set S(h) 20
 set S(wrap) -1
 proc DrawColors w {
    array set fill {0 black 1 white}
    set cwidth 228 ;#[winfo width $w]
    set wrap [expr {($cwidth) / $S(w)}]
    if {$wrap <= 0} {set wrap 1}
    if {$wrap == $S(wrap)} return; # No need to redraw
    set S(wrap) $wrap
    $w delete all
    set cnt 0
    foreach color [concat $COLORS $WINDOWSCOLORS] {
        regsub -all {\s+} $color " " color
        set n [catch {winfo rgb . $color} rgb]
        if {$n} continue
        # Convert to HSV and get the V value to determine fill color
        set value [lindex [lsort -integer $rgb] end]
        set value [expr {$value / double(65535)}]
        set tag "i$cnt"
        set row [expr {$cnt / $wrap}]
        set col [expr {$cnt % $wrap}]
        set x1 [expr {$col * $S(w)}]
        set y1 [expr {$row * $S(h)}]
        set x2 [expr {$x1 + $S(w)}]
        set y2 [expr {$y1 + $S(h)}]
        set xc [expr {($x1 + $x2) / 2.0}] 
        set yc [expr {($y1 + $y2) / 2.0}]
        $w create rect $x1 $y1 $x2 $y2 -fill $color -outline $color -tag $tag
        $w create text $xc $yc -text $color -tag [list txt $tag] \
            -fill $fill([expr {$value < .6}]) -font {Tahoma 7}
        set rgb2 [eval format #%04X%04X%04X [winfo rgb . $color]]
        $w bind $tag <1> [list set S(msg) "$color $rgb2"]
        $w bind $tag <Double-Button-1> [list Clipit $color]
        incr cnt
    $w config -scrollregion [$w bbox all] 
    $w raise txt
 proc Clipit {txt} {
    clipboard clear
    clipboard append $txt
 proc colorview {} {
   set w .colors
   if [winfo exists $w] {
      raise $w; focus -force $w
   toplevel $w
   wm title $w "Tk Colors"
   canvas $w.c -yscrollcommand "$w.sby set" -highlightthick 0
   scrollbar $w.sby -orient v -command "$w.c yview"
   label $w.msg -textvariable S(msg) -relief sunken -bg white
   button $w.about -text ? -highlightthickness 0 -command \
    {tk_messageBox -message "Tk Named Colors\nby Keith Vetter, March 2003\nPocketPC port by R. Suchenwirth 2006"}
   focus -force $w; raise $w
   catch {wce siphide}
   grid $w.c $w.sby -row 0 -sticky news
   grid $w.msg $w.about   -sticky ew
   grid rowconfigure $w 0 -weight 1
   grid columnconfigure $w 0 -weight 1
   wm geo $w 240x266
   DrawColors $w.c
   bind $w <Up> "$w.c yview scroll -1 page"
   bind $w <Down> "$w.c yview scroll 1 page"
 if {[file tail [info script]] eq [file tail $argv0]} colorview