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mailto: Richard.Suchenwirth-Bauersachs at siemens.com -- See the RS page for links to my latest pages -- Legal name: Richard Suchenwirth-Bauersachs

Development engineer at Siemens Postal Automation, Konstanz [1], Germany (makers of Postal Automation Equipment: letter/flat/parcel sorters etc.: [2] ). Sorry, my real homepage is on our firewalled intranet, so I'm slightly verbose here.

Learnt programming on a Diehl Combitron S back in '73, but my first "real" machine, in 1977, was an IBM 1130 (boasting 32KB "core memory"; saving source code to disk was considered wasteful -- keep the punch cards instead..;-). Went from Univac 1108 to Pr1me 750 to PDP to VAX to Symbolics to Sun (plus TRS-80, Schneider Joyce, Atari ST, DOS/Win boxes - Basic in Tcl, Retrocomputing). I write C when I have to, and Tcl when I feel like it (that's often).

Linguist at heart, so interested in (and pretty happy with) Tcl's styles as a programming language, and its support for natural (people's) languages (see discussion of Salt and Sugar, upvar sugar). One thing I like about Tcl is its Play-Doh-like flexibility -- designed to be strictly Polish (function/operator first, arguments after), you can still introduce infix notation (for assignment) or circumfix notation (for indexing) - see Radical Language Modification, Is Tcl Different!, Braintwisters, Playing Prolog, RPN in Tcl, Basic in Tcl, Turtle graphics the LOGO way, Syntax parsing in Tcl - Steps towards functional programming.

Frequent Tcl user both at work (OCR software on Sun/WinNT) and at home (frolicking in Tcl's Unicode and UTF-8 support for linguistic applications over the whole bandwidth of the Cyberbit font: The Lish family -- Arabic (A simple Arabic renderer), Chinese (Chinlish), Greek (Greeklish), Hebrew (Heblish), Japanese (Japlish), Korean(Hanglish), Russian (Ruslish), plus some French and Icelandic thrown in at Eurolish ;-), and the introspection facilities that to my knowledge are second to none. -- Unicode file reader - A little Unicode editor...

I am very proud of my daughters, Hannah (*1986) and Hanke (*1990). They both know well what a mouse-click is, and love their dog, Bungee, a Maraman mix. Contributions to this Wiki (unless linked to above, see also Arts and crafts of Tcl-Tk programming and RS for my personal favorites):

... a good proc fits between thumb and middle finger... ... even O(N**N) may be ok, for sufficiently small N ... ... and "shimmering" is definitely not a four-letter word.

For a BASIC fun project of mine from 1986, see [3]

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