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A parser generator is an application which generates a parser. Sometimes also called a 'compiler compiler'.

The usual input is a formal specification of the grammar the parser has to recognize, plus code implementing the actions the parser has to take when recognizing the various parts of its input. The result is an implementation of the parser in some language, often C.

Parser generators:

  • Yeti, written in Tcl, and generating parsers implemented in Tcl.
  • taccle
  • page in Tcllib (superseded by Parser Tools).
  • Lemon, A C parser generator in the public domain, by drh (AM I have converted the source code for Lemon so that it generates a parser in Fortran - see [1]. It was quite easy to do, though there is still some work left)
  • Bison. GNU's variant of YACC.
  • YACC (Yet Another Compiler Compiler).
  • SableCC [2] in Java
  • Parser Tools in Tcllib.