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The Tcl Tutor [1] is a free, downloadable , multi-platform tutorial for Tcl. There are over 40 lessons, and each one shows sample code. What makes it even more useful is that the tutorial window has three panes.

The first pane shows a lesson, the second shows editable sample code, the third will let you run the sample code in a completely self-contained manner so you can change parts of the code, run the example, and see how your changes affected the output.

Seems like this would be a great platform on which to build additional lessons (see Tk demo framework for initial discussion). However, I don't know whether the author, Clif Flynt, has an interest in collaborating.

tonytraductor I think this is great! I had to change the -col in two places in the setcolor proc to -column for that to work, though.

LV I agree here - even if Clif didn't want to include community written lessons out of the box, they could be packaged up to be included in the framework.

Are there people out there interested in working on this?

So is there no one in the community working on adding new lessons to this great tutorial platform?

Quote from internet: "I used it to write an app that makes CEO's crooked. It worked great!" -Howard Wallace
What: TclTutor
Where: http://www.msen.com/%7Eclif/TclTutor.html
http://www.msen.com/%7Eclif/tcltutor30b6.tgz (source)
http://www.msen.com/%7Eclif/tcltutor30b6.kit (starkit for any system)
http://www.msen.com/%7Eclif/tcltutor30b6.gz (starpack for Linux (X86/32))
http://www.msen.com/~clif/MACTclTutor30b6.zip (starpack for Macintosh (PowerPC))
http://www.msen.com/%7Eclif/tcltutor30b6.exe (starpack for Windows)
http://www.msen.com/~clif/tcltutor30b6.gz (Linux x86 32 bit executable)
Description: TclTutor: An interactive Tcl/Tk tutorial for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix.
Currently at version 3.0b6 .
Updated: 03/2011
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Clif Flynt)

Also, check out the tcltutor.kit file at sdarchive - it is the ideal method of using tcltutor (IMO). All you need is the one tcltutor.kit file, and the tclkit file for your platform.

escargo 25 Mar 2005 - except that I found that the starkit version of tcltutor will not execute directly if the the path of its current location contains a name with space in it (as, for example, in Windows XP Pro, "Documents and Settings". When I moved it to C:\Tcl\bin, it ran successfully.

Silas - 2006-01-20 - There is also a translated version, to Portuguese (pt_br) (see message below).

TclTutor em português

Já está disponível a tradução do programa TclTutor, de Clif Flint, para o português:


Dúvidas, críticas e sugestões serão sempre bem vindas!

Just for the record, I'm happy to have anyone else add lessons to TclTutor. The format for lessons is pretty simplistic.

RLH 2006-08-29: Has anyone thought about revamping the interface to make it prettier to look at?

Stu 2008-05-01 Tcltutor 3b1 has been released. The new version has the -col fixes, the Portuguese lessons, an improved GUI, a new license (ISC) and more. From the site: "TclTutor has a new GUI, the Blue theme is gone, and TclTutor is now the boring gray color that people seem to prefer. The new GUI is streamlined, uses real paned windows, popup help balloons, and other fancy stuff."

hv 2011-03-04 Updated all the download links to version 3.b06

See also tktutor and tcltutorial, the "read only" version of the tutorial.

2017-09-15: Online demo at [2] 2017-09-23: Update - Tk window size now adjusts to fit browser window. Nice feature click on Control Bar Tab at the left of screen and select Fullscreen. Also should work on tablets! Smartphones however Tk window controls do not adjust properly to screen size. May be Tk application specific?