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There seems to be no Debian packages for XOTcl. The installation instruction of XOTcl mentioned TCL sources are a must. Many people will put-off installation because of these points.(That was the reason I, vkvalli did not try this beautiful software for long time)

Things are not that complex.Here is a instruction to get it going.

Actually TCL headers are required, not full source files.(This can be mentioned more explicit like the way in otcl web-site).

Debian packages required - tcl package and tcl-dev package. tcl-dev is required if you want to compile any C based extension for Tcl.

(replace xxx or _xxx with required version numbers)

In my case,
 apt-get install tcl8.4
 apt-get install tcl8.4-dev

I assume the required packages for compiling C code are present. (someone please mention, if required).

Get the source code from xotcl website.

let us say you had downloaded xotcl_xx.tar.gz to '/var/downloads'
 cd /var/downloads
 tar xvzf xotcl_xx.tar.gz
 cd /var/downloads/xotclxxx
 ./configure --with-actiweb --with-tcl=/usr/lib/tcl8.4

Now you will have libxotclxxx.so in /var/downloads/xotclxxx

Now copy that (*.so) into you desired directory and play with xotcl. let us say , the desired directory is /var/devl/tcl.
 cp /var/downloads/xotcl_xx/libxo*.so /var/devl/tcl
 cd /var/devl/tcl
 load ./libxotclxxx.so
 namespace import xotcl::*
 Object junk
 junk destroy

The above approach makes it easier for me to have xotcl in any desired machine. Just copy the libxo*.so

If one prefers the lib in standard directories
 cd  /var/downloads/xotcl_xx
 make install

Then typical tcl session would be
 package require XOTcl
 namespace import xotcl::*

for more info xotcl for prototyping


milarepa - 2012-12-12 09:26:29

XOTcl packages are now included in debian based distributions.[1]