Updated 2011-08-22 11:02:25 by RLE

This musing is intended to be an extension to the [tclers chat] which will make life easier and more pleasant.

tkchat needs a web-paste interface. Alternatively, as Cameron Laird puts it integrate IRC with Wiki

  • The tkchat jabber server should recognise when someone pastes more than some (configurable) number of lines into the client
  • Instead of sending those lines to the attached clients, it should send them to a web paste site
  • The paste site should have Wiki-like interface and characteristics.
  • The paste should be considered transient.
  • The jabber server should send attached clients a URL to the generated paste page.
  • The generated paste page should be able to be imported into the persistent Wiki, after collaborative editing, with a name selected at the time of import.

This would enable high volume content to be handled by Jabber, and capture suitable content to the Wiki. This would have the effect of reducing spam-pastes to Jabber, and generating more seeds for Wiki plantation without exposing Wiki to an avalanche of trivia.

JE There already is one: see [1], instructions at [2]. Basically you just send a Jabber message to [email protected], and the pastebot responds with the URL of the paste item. Thanks to Pat for setting this up.

NEM Alternatively, why not adjust tkchat to be able to handle long posts? e.g., by displaying them in their own box with a scrollbar (so that e.g., only 4 lines of the post are visible at any time), or perhaps just display the first N characters and then a more.. link that shows the rest of the post (possibly in a new tab/window).