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Summary  edit

Tklib is like Tcllib, a collection of many small packages providing utilities, except that packages here are expected to depend on Tk. Tklib specializes in utilities for GUI programming.

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Documentation  edit

reference manual
online source code
browseable fossil repository

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See Also  edit

Tklib Installation
How to install and then use tklib.
Tklib Contribution & Feedback
How to contribute to tklib, report errors, etc.
Tklib Contents
List of all the packages found in tklib.

Misc  edit

ABU 2006-01-25: I'd like to see documentation and demos - in general, many tklib modules are not well documented :-(

LV: What a wonderful opportunity to contribute back to the Tcl community in cases where people fear their C skills are lacking! Contributing first cuts at documentation and demos and test cases at least provide a point where another can submit additions and corrections.

escargo 2006-04-29: You could make an entry in Volunteer opportunities for that.