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Decoding this topic title, it probably was meant to be [현재창] (looks like Korean to me). The original browser seems to have mangled the topic string, so that it got encoded as UTF-8 twice.

RS: This can indeed be further analysed with Tcl very easily:
 % u2x [encoding convertfrom utf-8 í����ì��¬ì°½]
 % encoding convertfrom utf-8 í����ì��¬ì°½

The characters that I see for these Unicodes on my iPaq (the big box has no CJK fonts) indicate that it's approximately pronounced hyôn-jae-chass, and this term brings up several pages full of links in Google, but I don't know the meaning.

WJP: The last letter is the velar nasal "ng", not "ss", so chang, not chass.

DKF: Babelfish[1] translates it to "Currently window".

WJP: hyôn-jae is the adjective "present, current". "window" in my experience is usually changgu, but the dictionary says that chang alone can be "window". It can also mean "singing", "hole in a flat surface such as leather or paper", "spear", and "syphilis". "window" does seem more likely here, but I do wonder how this phrase got here.

[MiR]: Is it coincidence, that window in Korean also means syphilis??? Hopefully the Redmond guys don't know of this, or we are in danger to run into the next Korean war. On the other hand, Micro$oft Syphilis would be a good codename for the next gen operating system. Any insider info on this?

escargo - There ought to be some jokes about computer viruses or viral marketing in here somewhere. I seem to remember an article in one of the ACM magazines ages ago about promiscuous programs, ones that would perform for anybody without proper security checking....