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LEG: short for Georg Lehner, alias Jorge-León, Homepage

IndieWeb hosting and consulting services at MagmaSoft (formerly http ://www.magma.com.ni/)

Teaching electronics and telecomunications at UCAN

Formerly: Teaching mechatronics at ULSA, Senior ACS consultant at DS Automotion, System Administrator and (Senior) Consultant at several companies and organizations: UNI/Nicaragua, Unan León/Nicaragua Netport/Nicaragua, WebDynamite/Austria, JBK-Net/Austria, Product and embedded software development at KEBA AG, http://keba.com

What am i doing with Tcl?

  • openACS [1] and dotLrn [2] hacking
  • small utilities for which /bin/sh is to complicated to use
  • TTP Template and configfile parser and application wrapper:
  • NMS rather old and not in use: from one network description calculate routes and any related configuration data for your network

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AK: May we get links to baccus, afis, urta, brisa, fp, astra, ... ?

LEG 2009-03-30: yes, it's time! Go get it - Baccus