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Tcl-To-Go, by Tom Poindexter, is a single floppy Tcl distribution for the MuLinux system, created by

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release date

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TCL.tgz (alternate)

Documentation  edit

also included in the distribution

See Also  edit

Tcl-To-Go, take 3 ,Tom Poindexter ,1999-11-26

Description  edit

Tcl-To-Go fits over 35+ Tcl applications, plus tclsh and wish interpreters, onto a single (1722kb formatted) floppy. This represents more than six megabytes of uncompressed Tcl/Tk.

The file must be unpacked with the command

TP 2004-06-03: I haven't maintained Tcl-To-Go since the last announcement, but it still should be usable. My web site that had Tcl-To-Go screenshots is currently offline. See the README (link above) for more info.