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You may have come here looking for Tk's bell command, which sounds an audible alert. (If you want more control over your beep, you can construct one to your specifications using the snack extension.) Or you may have come here looking for info on BLT's beep command. LV 2007 Nov 30 If you want to document BLT's beep command here, feel free to add a second below.

BEEP - Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol edit

This page is rather about BEEP, the Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol [1]. (In the beginning it was called BXXP).

[RFC 3080 says "a generic application protocol kernel for connection-oriented, asynchronous interactions called the BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol) core. BEEP permits simultaneous and independent exchanges within the context of a single application user-identity, supporting both textual and binary messages."]


  • a standard application layer that supports dynamic, pluggable application "profiles" (protocols)
  • peer-to-peer, client-server, or server-to-server capabilities
  • multiple channels over a single authenticated session
  • support for arbitrary MIME payloads, including XML"]

In March 2002, Marshall T. Rose published Book BEEP: The Definitive Guide.

Ah, if only the "beepcore-tcl" (SourceForge Summary[2] and home page[3]) were installable, but it ain't - not on my Linux box, anyway... :o(

  • it wants Trf, but Trf won't build
  • it wants Expat, which wants XML
  • ... but of course they don't build out of the box either
  • found a binary of Trf, hm, no, it's not linked properly
  • the beepcore-tcl ./configure file throws syntax errors
  • ... there's more, but I just gave up and am trying to forget
  • yet another great idea - killed by crappy deployment <sigh>

This planet is doomed, as far as software deployment goes, we seem to be losing the battle more and more... these days I'm truly amazed by anything that still DOES work... -jcw