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Hi folks.

I have written a bunch of various applets and utilities, often times to amuse myself at work. Although they were mostly developed in Win32, they ought to run on whatver platform one chooses, be it BeOS, *BSD, Linux, etc. Unless otherwise specified, all projects are covered by the GNU General Public License.

Here's an old (1996) picture of me in case you want to stalk me:


My horribly out of date home page is at http://www.jtang.org.

Email me at [concat "tang" "at" "jtang.org"']

You guess what my interests are based upon the projects I've written or contributed:

The Early Years (i.e., hugely unoptimized crappy code):

  • TclStock - yet another stock ticker program (no longer updated)
  • TclWeather - yet another weather applet
  • Life - a color version of the cellular automata Life

Computer AI players and gaming (how to look busy while having fun):

  • iConnect4 - the AI to RS's TkAlign4 game, implemented as an alpha-beta pruning tree up to 5 ply deep
  • Revello2 - yet another alpha-beta AI, this time to RS's Revello game. this one isn't that great
  • isolation - yet another a-b AI, but this time it plays well

More Artificial Intelligence in Tcl (mostly things I wrote for school):

Development Tools (filling niches in Tcl development):

  • fickle - yet another not-so-fast lexical analyzer
  • taccle - yet another LALR(1) parser generator
  • TclDoc - javadoc (or ctags or Doxygen or whatnot) for Tcl - so slick that it clones javadoc tags like @author, @param, and @see.

Random Other Stuff:

  • Another Shoutcast Player - another streaming MP3 (Shoutcast) player
  • BWidget - I am one of the administrators for this package, adding features, fixing things, and breaking them. Err, ignore that last part.