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MIB (Management Information Base) is a formal description of a set of network objects that can be managed using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). There is one MIB and one MIB only. Everything else, normally referred to as "MIBs", is MIB extensions. The current MIB definition is MIB-II as described in RFC1213.

Example: Scotty  edit

One of the commands Scotty supplies is "mib". Here's an example usage:
puts "The human-readable name that corresponds
to '$oid' is '[Tnm::mib name $oid]'."

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Extracting MIB Modules  edit

MAK: If you need to extract MIB modules (or ASN.1 modules in general) from RFCs, a free Tcl script called rfc2mib.tcl is available from COMPANY: Muonics. Unlike most extractors, this script is smart enough to recognize ASN.1-style comments prior to or within the module header, use of the "TagDefaults" part of an ASN.1 module header (not used by MIB modules), module headers that are broken across multiple lines, and macros.

Misc  edit

Shoot - I thought this page would be about Men In Black...

DKF: We've got a part of the university (where I work) that's known as MIB. What it stands for is horrific (something with "Interdisciplinary") but everyone calls them the Men In Black...

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