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09Dec14: doing a little bit of expect. It feels nice to write some Tcl again.. :)

30Sept04: I have been studying the search engine spamming problem (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spamdexing) and more specifically the "link spamming" that has been attacking our favorite wiki. I'm going to try to summarize my findings here soon (do not wait for revolutionnary ideas though :-), but I have the feeling that it's gonna be a bit easier than fighting against email spamming..).

later in the afternoon: it's finished and long.. :-( so it's probably cleaner to create a brand new Wiki Spamming page... :-).

24June03: Vote for TCL !

jcw has moved wikit enhancements ideas to the Ideas for Wikit enhancements page. Now that I have a bit more time, I am starting to classify them and see how some can be integrated in the current version. More to come soon...

The following sections describe 1) why I love TCL :-) and 2) the pages where to go in case you are interested in the development of wikit, the Tcl'ers wiki engine.

Why Tcl?

Hello, I have been working with TCL since 1993, mostly for developing at Simulog [2], the GUI of a simulation environment named "Open Modline" (and latter OML). It was included tools such as an "Experimenter" [3], an "Analyzer" [4], and a "Reporter" [5]. I also used the Tcl format as a Data Interchange Format between the Qnap2 simulation engine and all the tools [6].

Today, I'm still a big fan of Tcl, even if Java has become more important in my new job at Gemplus [7], a Smart Cards [8] manufacturer. I have been working on a Java framework for using Smart Cards named OpenCard Framework (OCF), see the web site I have set-up for more details: http://www.gemplus.com/techno/opencard/ and the official OCF site: http://www.opencard.org/ . During three years, I have also been involved in OCF consortium technical committee and have specified its process for work with the help of Gary Ellison, from Sun (see http://www.opencard.org/work/ ). My interests are detailed (not very much) in my Advogato Personal info page: http://advogato.org/person/cmuller/

Now that I am working in a new project, I am back to using Tcl because I have set up an internal wiki for the project. I started from Jean-Claude Wippler's very good Wikit tool, written in Tcl and using his Metakit database, and I have made a couple of changes. This is why I love Tcl actually, it's the language where you can take any piece of code written by anybody else and understand and modify it, I was already doing that 15 years ago and it still works! For me Tcl is the "Open Source" language, just try to do that with C++!

BTW, feel free to modify this page at will, it is a work in progress...

Of course!

Wikit Development

This section was devoted to the project of enhancing the Wikit engine.

Now most contents has been moved [9] in a wiki that JCW has created and which is dedicated to wikit enhancements. I haven't had much time to work on this and merge my previous patches in the new sources tree, but I promise to find some time before the holidays! :-).

Wikit Development Links

In case you are intersted in wikit development, see these links:

  1. The TclersWiki Yahoo Group and mailing-list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TclersWiki
  2. The equi4 wiki devoted to wikit and other tools from jcw: http://www.equi4.com/Wikit
  3. A page about wikit enhancements proposals in this wiki: Ideas for Wikit enhancements includes the ideas of development and their status. (Note: my page at equi4 is obsolete).
  4. Use of the New wiki and CVS access: [JC, is this still valid?]

JC has been posting the comments below. I leave them here because they contain help on how to get access to the new wikit and also CVS access.

JCW Ok. I have started to consolidate things. For now (pressed for time, leaving for a long weekend), I've brought it in line with Steve Landers' local mode embellishments (try it!). Still need to add a substantial amount of reshuffling and badly needed comments by AK, but I just won't have time to do it now. Here goes, the latest "nwikit" (which I'm calling "wikit" again, btw):

  • to just try it, download and run from this temp spot [10]
        tclkit wikit.bin   (or chmod, mv, and run as "wikit")

  • to track CVS:
        cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/home/cvs login   (empty pw)
        cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/home/cvs co wikit

  • to check sources and diffs through the web interface:

  • to run in unpacked mode:
        tclkit wikit/bin/main.tcl

  • to pack it into a wikit.bin scripted doc:
        ln -s wikit wikit.vfs  (or "mv wikit wikit.vfs")
        sdx fs2sd wikit.bin

I'll tidy up and finish this work next week. Promise!