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I live in Naumburg, Germany.

Our company [1] does programs for logistics and bar coding (barcode) and most programs are done using TCL.

My mission is to organize world logistics flow for medical [2] and other [3] branches complying to ISO standards.

You can send me messages in German, French, English and Spanish language to Harald dot Oehlmann at Elmicron dot de.

TCL actions:

Pages I often need and thus have shortcuts here to find them ;-)

Shortcut on this wiki: HaO

Sourceforge/chat user name: oehhar

Windows SDKs

Since TDK, I used Windows Server 2003 SP1 SDK to compile TCL with VC6. I failed to compile the 8.6 starkit while I succeeded with 8.5. APN told me, that there is a newer release of the SDK, which succeeds. Now, I found:


which states that "Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform SDK" also supports VC6 and is 3 month younger than the upper. I suppose, this was the version recommended by APN. I will try it. Here is just the pointer for me.

Chat with APN today. He proposed to use the "Microsoft Platform SDK February 2003", which is even older what I used. And he has SP5 for VC6, where I have SP6. We concluded that all this is confusing and we will see later on.

Code Snippet Copyright Statement

This clt posting clarified, that wiki code is copyrighted by the author.

Any code on wiki.tcl.tk by me may be used in any way without mentioning the author. There is no warranty.