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Pascal Scheffers

I made a small extension to remote control xmms: xmmstcl

My gazilionth user page. Just go to http://pascal.scheffers.net

If someone stops by here looking for information on PostScript, you need to go visit that page instead.

You should know that the customary abbreviation for postscript is in lower case: ps not - PS :) However, since the wiki treats titles as case insensitive, the user searching for ps is going to find this page!

Some of the things I added:

Barcode Things

To get a better idea of exactly what has changed with the Recent changes, I have created a WikiDiff. The actual diff can currently be found at http://pascal.scheffers.net/wikidiff/

For that to work nicely, highlighting word-by-word changes (as opposed to line-by-line) I hacked away at WordDiff.

In our network, we have one place that can access a database through a VPN connection. But I want everyone to be able to access that, so I wrote a TCPProxy, which works very similar to sockspy except it doesn't do any fancy logging.

I like TkChat, but I guess I am not the only who would like to see some new entry and exit messages. So after some experimenting and without further ado: my tkchat now grabs TkChat messages. The users of the web interface will still be bored to tears with the old messages, but I will just have to throw a SEP Field over that one, for now.