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  • AOLserver emulation layer for Tclhttpd - http://www.sf.net/projects/nstclhttpd/ This includes dqkit.
  • TclDB - uniform database API
  • DQkit - TclKit like single file executable with batteries included
  • Iapp - Itcl and thread based web application framework (for both TclHttpd and AOLserver)
  • TclMentor (http://tclmentor.kocjan.org) 404 - server not found - Tcl mentoring blog where I put my Tcl related thoughts and try to create Tcl tutorial, contents and other interesting materials.
  • TTING - tool to manipulate line-based text easily

I have also written a book about Nagios 3 where I mention Tcl as well. It can be found here: http://www.packtpub.com/guide-for-learning-nagios-3/.

RLH 2009-10-04: Do you write your Nagios plugins in Tcl? WK Yes, some of them. I'll perhaps publish some of them sometime soon.

Most recent book I've written - BOOK Tcl 8.5 Network Programming is a book created with [Piotr Beltowski] about Tcl and how along with some technologies Tcl can be used to create network-aware applications easily.

Some of my pages on the Wiki:

  • Tcl_Obj Deep Copy
  • qstarpack - a quick starpack wrapper
  • mk4vfs encryption - small example on how to encrypt mk4vfs
  • ramvfs - a simple code that allows ramvfs
  • mapvfs - a vfs that allows mapping directories
  • WikIndenTk - a nice Tk tool for indenting/unindenting Tcl code to for Wiki page
  • Itcl overhead - some benchmarks of Itcl and how it affects performance
  • IP Calculator GUI - small GUI that shows how nice traces are :)
  • Endorser - a piece of code and data that generates endorsement texts
  • xtcl - Small script that can be used to apply Tcl code to various files and so on
  • zevents - My personal event sending+binding mechanism
  • Threaded Itcl test - Test for threaded Tcl and errors with sharing Tcl_Obj
  • tclrapi - Tcl API to PocketPC filesystem via ActiveSync (via RAPI calls)
  • Bloom Filters - Bloom Filters

I'm planning to put up some of my free available code on the Web. This will be the place to find links to it...