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JM 9 Oct 2012 - someone asked me to create a kind of org chart from a list of employees, which includes (among other employee's relevant information), the employee's manager name. There is of course some off the shelve solutions using google docs or visio, but I am always on the mood to give Tcl a try.

this script (not fully tested btw) uses LemonTree again, given the flexibility it offers. I removed the code I did not need so please refer to LemonTree if you want to review the beauty of this code from RS

the script parses a file (hardcoded name, sorry) called "orgchart.csv" which contents are like this:
Colonel A,General
Colonel B,General
Captain A,Colonel B
Captain B,Colonel B
Captain C,Colonel B
Sergeant A,Captain A
Sergeant B,Captain A
Private A,Sergeant B
Private B,Sergeant B

the objective is to create something similar to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organizational_chart, but with a dynamic twist.

as an exercise for the reader:

  • put some info on the balloon, expanding the CSV file with employee ID or position
  • add a person icon instead of the folder default icon
package require BWidget
namespace eval LemonTree {variable uniqueID 0}

proc LemonTree::add {w parent type name {text ""}} {
    variable uniqueID; variable icon
    set text $name
    if {$parent != "root"} {
        if {$text eq ""} {set text "$val3,$val2,[string range $val1 0 20]"}
    set id n[incr uniqueID]
    set data [list type $type name $name]
    #tk_messageBox -message "$type,$name"
    set fill [expr {[string match (* $text]? "blue": "black"}]
    set drawcross [expr {[info proc ::LemonTree::kids($type)] eq "" ? "never" : "allways"}]
    $w insert end $parent $id -text $text -data $data -drawcross $drawcross -fill $fill
    if [info exists icon($type)] {
        $w itemconfigure $id -image $icon($type)
proc LemonTree::open {w node} {
    if {[$w itemcget $node -drawcross] eq "allways"} {
        set data [$w itemcget $node -data]
        set type [dict'get $data type]
        foreach {ktype kids} [kids($type) $w $node] {
            foreach kid $kids {add $w $node $ktype $kid}
        $w itemconfigure $node -drawcross auto

proc LemonTree::kids(html) {w node} {
    set name [dict'get [$w itemcget $node -data] name]
    list html [getReporters $name]

set path $BWIDGET::LIBRARY/images

foreach {type name} {dir folder file file array copy html folder} {
    set LemonTree::icon($type) [image create photo -file $path/$name.gif]

proc LemonTree::Info {w node} {
    set type [dict'get [$w itemcget $node -data] type]
    if {[info proc ::LemonTree::info($type)] ne ""} {
        balloon $w [info($type) $w $node]

#-- type-specific info providers:

proc LemonTree::info(html) {w node} {
    return "TBD"

#-- A simple ballon, modified from Bag of Tk algorithms:  
proc balloon {w text} {
    set top .balloon
    catch {destroy $top}
    toplevel $top -bd 1
    pack [message $top.txt -aspect 10000 -bg lightyellow \
        -borderwidth 0 -text $text -font {Helvetica 9}]
    wm overrideredirect $top 1
    wm geometry $top +[winfo pointerx $w]+[winfo pointery $w]
    bind  $top <1> [list destroy $top]
    raise $top

proc dict'get {dict key} {
    foreach {k value} $dict {if {$k eq $key} {return $value}}

proc getReporters {who} {
    set fp [open orgchart.csv r]
    while {[gets $fp line] >= 0} {
        foreach {empl jefe} [split $line ,] {
            if {$jefe == $who} {
                lappend reporters $empl
    close $fp
    if {[info exists reporters]} {
      if {[llength $reporters] > 1} {
          return $reporters

proc main {quien} {
    LemonTree::add .t root html $quien $quien

# -------------------------------------------
label .lbl -text "From:"
entry .txt -width 60
button .btnGet -text "Start" -command {main [.txt get]}
button .btnSalir -text Exit -command {
    catch {t destroy}
grid .lbl .txt
grid .btnGet -row 1 -column 1
grid .btnSalir -row 1 -column 2

#-- Now to demonstrate and test the whole thing: 
Tree .t -background white -opencmd {LemonTree::open .t} \
-width 60 -height 30 -yscrollcommand {.y set}
.t bindText  <1> {LemonTree::Info .t}
.t bindImage <1> {LemonTree::Info .t}
scrollbar .y -command {.t yview}
grid .t -row 2 -column 0 -columnspan 3 
grid .y -row 2 -column 3 -sticky ns
.txt insert end "General"
#-- Little development helpers:
bind . <Escape> {exec wish $argv0 &; exit}
bind . <F1> {console show}